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Who We Are

American Advanced Academy (The Academy) is an award-winning after school program that educates today the leaders of tomorrow. With an emphasis on building a strong educational foundation, fostering self-esteem, and positively reinforcing effective habits of lifelong learning, all programs are designed to help each student reach his or her full potential, both in and out of the classroom. The Academy is committed to providing one of the most effective and compelling educational programs in the world.

Our Philosophy & Mission

Education is the cornerstone of world peace and prosperity. Therefore, helping students achieve academic success is one of the most important issues facing the world today. We believe in providing quality programs to better educate today’s youth and prepare them for top rate institutes of higher learning. We are dedicated to helping students achieve their highest potential so that they may live enriched and full lives. In turn, we trust that they will offer valuable and effective services to their communities and the world at large. 

Our Educators 


Academy Educators and Professors are handpicked for their dedication to the art of teaching. They are well-qualified teachers and caring academic professionals who take pride in a student’s success. Many of our instructors hold advanced degrees and have taught at the college level for many years. Many are authorities in their field. In addition, these special individuals embrace the Academy learning philosophies of giving their best to motivate and instill confidence in students they teach.  They are, in essence coaches and role models for later life.

Learning to Learn

Courses & Programs at

The Academy are designed to stimulate the mind and arouse optimum curiosity. Students will develop a passion for learning, embracing all the intricacies of the knowledge they will consume and digest. They do all this under the caring guidance of Academy 

Educators and Professors.



Each student is given a

detailed assessment at the time of enrollment. We realize that every student learns at a different pace, and want to ensure they feel comfortable and engaged so that real learning can begin.

Our Students

Our students are high-achieving indivuduals who excel in AND out of the classroom. In a capsule, we have among us: 

  • Several Valedictorians 

  • 2 UC Regent Scholars 

  • College Leadership Scholarship 

  • Winner of the Top 50 Essays - Internationally 

  • Winner of the Top 10 Essays in the State 

  • 3 Chess Champions, including an All State Champion 

  • State Ranked Tennis Player 

  • 2 All school spelling B Champions; 1 Finalist for the All around National Champion 

  • Silver Medalist Junior Olympians in Fencing, One that just made the World Cup! 

  • Gold Medalist Junior Olympian in Gymnastics 

  • Triple Grammy Award Winner 

  • First Place Robotic Champion, Northern Cal 

  • Several Whiz Kid 

  • Many Math Con Champions. 

  • 39 Perfect Scores STAR Test Students 

  • Many have gone on to Top-Rate Universities and Colleges across the nation. 

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