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  • Year-long academically challenging curriculum for the advanced & gifted kid.

  • Designed for your child to fully understand & master concepts at each level of complexity.

  • Small Classes •  Individual Attention • Lecture-type Workshops.

  • Your child will be challenged to T-H-I-N-K in this critical thinking brain-gym !


A facilitated space to complete school-assigned homework, improve grades, develop good habits of learning...and have fun doing it!

  • Best homework help in a quiet, well-supervised & work-friendly environment.

  • Be with motivated kids who want to do well at school & life!

  • See your grades improve & win the highest Academic Honors.

  • No more worries about not being able to finish your homework on time!


Designed to reinforce and advance their understanding of course material, The Academy has developed a unique curriculum for mastering both Math and English core subjects, as well as a combined program for younger learners - our Edu-Gator Program.








Math EZ

Building upon the success of long-established, proven methods, the AAA Math EZ™ Program balances mastery of fundamental skills with critical thinking and problem solving. Math EZ™ emphasizes an active, multi-sensory approach to ensure that students understand the concrete realities that underlie mathematical concepts. This is accomplished through this important combination of three basic methods:

  • Mastery of different skills through regular practice & review.

  • Hands-on life application, scholastic games and other innovative teaching methods that motivate students and help illustrate concepts.

  • Challenging problems that help develop critical thinking skills.


Mathmatazz™ – Elementary School Foundation

Mathmatazz is a proven interactive fun Math method to teach younger children, and to increase their appreciation of the subject. This is done through integrated mathematical reasoning, problem solving, applied logics and mathematical games.

  • For Kindergarteners: a key to mathematical understanding is making a link between physical models and written symbols.

  • For First Graders: Mathmatazz provides a more formal understanding of numbers and mathematical concepts. Physical models still play a fundamental role in linking the real world to symbolic expressions.

  • For Second Graders: develop an understanding of mathematical operations, and use their understanding to solve problems and applied mathematical concepts to the world around them.

  • For Third Graders: continue to develop computational skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division involving more complex mathematical concepts. Students will start studying the basics of probability.

  • For Fourth Graders: sharpen their computational and problem solving skills while applying mathematical concepts to real world problems.

  • For Fifth Graders: explore complex mathematical operations and apply concepts to real world problems.

Middle School and High School – Course Offerings

  • Easing into Algebra

  • Pre-Algebra

  • Algebra 1 & 2

  • Geometry

  • Algebra 3 & 4

  • Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry

  • Calculus

  • Probability & Statistics

English Builder + Grammar Grabbers™ (EGG)

​The English Builder™ and Grammar Grabbers™ (EGG) program builds important reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar skills. The EGG™ program inspires a love and appreciation of literature while preparing students for standardized tests in writing, language arts & reading skills. Combining Phonics, Literature, and Language Skills, the EGG™ program emphasizes classic works, modern literature, and teaches writing as a process.

Critical Reading & Analysis

The course sharpens reading and comprehension skills. It is an exercise in critical thinking and analysis through a survey of classic and contemporary literature. It includes reading of both fiction and non-fiction. Students learn to read for information in non-fiction texts. Exploring beloved classics and less-familiar works, students develop reading and literary analysis skills while considering important issues and ideas. Students come to appreciate the writer’s craft as they consider the feelings, thought, and ideas of characters, and make connections between literature and real life. This is a suitable course for the college-bound student who wants to develop critical thinking and reading skills.

Reading & Comprehension Skills

This course reinforces reading skills such as recalling details, understanding the main idea, comparing & contrasting, sequencing, understanding cause/effect relationships, drawing conclusions and predicting. The course exposes the student to a wide range of reading abilities: Tall Tales, Folktales, Fables, World Myths and other fine World Literature. It also introduces the student to the elements of fiction, including setting, characterization, plot, point of view, and theme. Furthermore, the course helps build basic foundation of grammar & conventions through survey and discussion of model literary pieces.



  • Silent Reading

  • Group Reading

  • Guided Reading

  • Modeled Reading

  • Reading & Analysis

  • Reading & Comprehension


“Reading is our inheritance from five thousand years of culture. Writing is how we contribute to it.”


Scholastic Writing

Students learn to plan & organize their writing; they learn to revise their own writing, paying attention to ideas, organization, word choice, sentence structure & style, voice and conventions. Students write compare and contrast, persuasive, how-to, and research essays. They have ample opportunity to examine their own writing with a critical eye. The “6 + 1 Traits of Writing” is the basic model for this course, developed by the NW Regional Educational Laboratory. The Model allows both teachers and students to accurately assess student-writing process, writing strategies & growth. The “6 + 1 Traits of Writing” is used in hundreds of classrooms throughout the country and has recently been adopted as the prime model to teach and improve writing for the Hillsborough School District as well as other schools.


Creative Writing Workshop

The Creative Writing Workshop is a one day workshop for writing enthusiasts as well as those interested in honing their creative writing skills. The course will introduce you to the Art of Creative Writing. It’s a fun class where you can explore and expand your creativity through writing of short stories, poem, dialogues, and others. Class members have the opportunity to submit their work for constructive criticism, and critique the work of their classmates with care and generosity.


Vocabuilder™ & Word Masters™

The AAA Vocabulary program builds knowledge of many English words with Greek and Latin Roots, especially polysyllabic terms. Students define these words, and use word origins and derivations to determine the meanings of new words. This unique program hones systematic vocabulary development skills. Each class will help students enrich their vocabulary, develop word analysis, and prepare the students for high level standardized exams.

The Edu-Gator Program

Younger students need a great deal of active guidance, so we designed a program that encompasses both hands-on lessons as well as skill-building ones. Lesson plans include reading Dr. Seuss’ books, learning rhymes & jingles, discussing photos, and playing easy games that reinforce important skills and concepts.

Basic skills such as improving motor skills with “Handwriting Without Tears;” recognizing shapes, sizes, and color; reading; conducting simple science experiments; and number & math skills are an integral part of the Edu-Gator program. In addition to these basic academic skills, children will learn how to express themselves through a well developed program of Art, Song, Dance, Drama, Free Play amp; Music Appreciation. Children will be widely exposed to classic literature: Fairy tales, Fables, Folktales, Poems and other works that embody exemplary virtues, such as The Frog PrinceBeauty and the BeastThe Velveteen Rabbit, and tales by Beatrix Potter.

The Edu-Gator program is a fun way to introduce young learners to the joy of learning as they prepare to explore the world around them and beyond.

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