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"A leader leads to good..."
The Academy's award-winning SUPERKIDS™ Youth Leadership Program trains the leaders of tomorrow through a "learn by doing" approach to service. Leaders are supervised and train in multiple disciplines to improve their skills and lead by example. An application and interview process is required for membership in the program. Please contact The Academy for more information. 
  • EXPAND LEADERSHIP SKILLS: On the job Training. Learn to lead in real life not just in theory!
  • IMPROVE PEOPLE-SKILLS: Learn how to be a Team Player.
  • DEVELOP GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Learn to give clear precise directions & commands
  • PROMOTE SAFETY AWARENESS: 24/7 awareness for personal & others safety.
  • ENHANCE DECISION–MAKING SKILLS : Learn how to make good & responsible decisions that matters.
  • INCREASE ORGANIZATION SKILLS: Learn to prioritize among competing needs.
  • FIRST AID & CPR TRAINING: Many of our CTLs & CTLTs are first aid certified.

Superkids Youth Leadership Training has taken place annually since 2002 – 18 years in total!
  • Stanford – 2015, 2016, 2017
  • UCLA – 2016, 2018, 2019

  • NYU – 2020

  • Harvard - 2022

  • Hawaii – 2012

  • Cruise (Jamaica) – 2014

  • Cruise (Puerto Rico) – 2016

  • American River White Water Rafting Camping Trip - 2010

  • Lake Tahoe – 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013

  • Camp Team Leaders  (CTLs) are amazing leaders and they lead by example. They organize and orchestrate fun camp activities. They support members of the SUPERKIDS™ Academic Coaches, who make up the Camp’s magnificent faculty. CTLs’ main and foremost responsibility is to keep all campers safe. CTLs keep the camp running smoothly so that Camp Faculty can concentrate on sharing the Gift of Knowledge with our special SUPERKIDS™ CAMPERS. Last, but not least, CTLs take ownership and they will do whatever they can to make the Camp a safe & fun learning environment for everyone. In essence, they are proud to be a Camp Team Leader at SUPERKIDS™ CAMP!
  • CTL-In-Training  (CTLT) are basically behavior, safety and fun monitors. They assist CTLs in fulfilling their duties. They learn different skills of leadership, patience and working with young children. CTLTs take their duties seriously. They are important in the smooth running of the Camp. CTLTs are also appreciative of the opportunity to serve and do their best as leaders in training!
  • Camp Brigade are junior spirit monitors & leaders-in-training. They are an integral part of SUPERKIDS CAMP. They learn how to work as a team, follow instructions, be a cheerleader and promote good team spirit, make on spot the decisions, always conscious of safety & camp rules, and cheerfully give support wherever needed.

Youth Leaders are trained to be service oriented and leave footprints of love and kindness wherever they go, and to contribute to the communities they work and live in. 
Here is a partial listing of organizations that we've partnered with: 
  • Lifemoves – Homeless shelter program – Plan, cook and serve meals for the Homeless .

  • SF Food Bank – Volunteers to help with food distribution to the needy.   

  • Hurricane Katrina Collection Box – To help Victims of the flood, collecting funds to support meals and shelter.  

  • Nepal Earthquake Relieve Fund – Raise awareness and funds to support those who has lost everything in the Earthquake

  • Operation Christmas Child - Children helping Children by providing a Christmas Box filled with useful items for children around the world.  

  • Annual Holiday Toy Drive - Setting up boxes in the community to collect toys for needy children. 

  • Jamaica Volunteer Project – Aiding in training efficiency in farming and survival of poorer settlements

  • Puerto Rico Volunteer Project – Helped at an orphanage 

  • Annual Silent Auction – To benefit Children of the World, fundraising for less fortunate, sick, hungry and blind children 

  • Rehabilitation Program for Youth – Helping youth to see a brighter future. 

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